For the first time

Throughout my life I have traveled a lot. Internal spiritual journeys, and journeys to distant lands.
I always had the desire to know different cultures and I always moved by other forms of life.
On the other hand our daily routine life, tired me. It still does.
My inner journey to mental maturity and independence was obviously accompanied by my first trip to India. I just finished my Army service, and I already went by myself. Only 20 years old and away from home.
Over the years I taught myself to accept me, the choices I made in my life and also to accept my surroundings.
I can unequivocally say that I’m still not so sure what is my part in this world, but I’m know I still have a long journey an ahead of me.
There is no doubt that almost everyone you’ll ask admit that he loves going on vacations, but there are quite a few people who love to go on a journey and travel to deep experiences of cultures for long periods of time, which suited me really well as a discharge soldier.
As a mother who needs to provide stability in my children’s lives and to get permanent income it was hard for me to accept the fact that my traveling days are over.

The years I put myself on hold go through the complete knowledge that it’s only temporary. That I’m not willing to give the society consensus to decide for me. This routine life of mine leaves me restless.
Fortunately my husband agrees with me and wants it as much as I do.
There is something magical about being a traveler. And in our time there are quite a few families that went out in the world on magical journeys, which make us more determined. Because we know it’s possible.
I’m not saying that it has to be for years, or months, but I do want it be enough time for us to get closer to ourselves and to each other and also to the places we’ll visit.
Here I will write about everything. From small vacations until our longed journey.
I’ll recommend you, guide you and write about the food and colors.
I’ll share my feelings and my relationships with my husband and our amazing children.
So here I am. Hoping to grow and learn more about myself as I write.
I come to expose us to you and hope you enjoy reading us.

Sincerely your

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